Whitelightning Development

Where imagination and skill come togeather to create new and convenient things. Specializing in everything from the front to backend, almost nothing is impossible.

What We Do

We specialize in a wide range of things, this is for a specific reason. When you have a wide range of skills you can integrate features into things outside of your current project. If the only thing you know is LUA and you're good at it, but you don't know anything else, you won't have the knowledge or skills to access the special FiveM features in C. You won't be able to interact with websites like sending a receiving data from a CAD to in-game.

browser with html ending tags.

Web Development

With some ablilty to "Design" a website I mainly focus on "Developing" one. With extensive knowledge in PHP, JS, SQL, and css transitions and animations I can make anything from a simple login page to a shop from the ground up.

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server with settings icon.


They say things are harder to put togeather than take apart. This is also true when it comes to servers. I'll help you along the way setting up a web server, a game server, I even have experience with active directory and buisness class networks.

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Between 1000+ hours in game and mutiple thousands of hours developing and managing FiveM servers, if you need something done that's related to FiveM I can probably do it.

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